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A Multitude Of Lighting Scenes All At The Touch Of A Button

A Multitude Of Lighting Scenes All At The Touch Of A Button

With Wall of Sounds intelligent lighting control systems they are easy to implement and control offering a multitude of lighting scenes all at the touch of a button. Whether you are using an RF wall mounted control panel or using an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, you will find you are able to really change the total ambience of any room in an instant to find the feelgood factor!.

Wall of Sound have a range of lighting control solutions which are simple to use and highly effective. Being able to touch one button and have wall light’s, spot lights, table lamps all come on at a preset level created by you is a reality. With a Wall of Sound solution you even could have the ability to text your lights on whilst on holiday or have a 2 week cycle recorded of all your lighting movements giving the impression someone is home while you are away.

The future is here and ready to be demonstrated by Wall of Sound at the York showroom now.

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